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You offer high-quality programs or services for families. The Kids Calendar is your best resource for reaching local parents.

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Promotional options with the Kids Calendar

Calendar Classes Board Directory







Promoting a program on the Events Calendar is free! Since only some programs are eligible to be listed on the Calendar, please read what kinds of events can be listed in this section.

Here’s what you can post on the Events Calendar:

      • one-time events for kids (ages 0-18) and/or families
      • one-time events for parents if the programming relates to parenting/children
      • events that are free or include a fee
      • one-time events that require an RSVP or pre-registration
      • events that repeat but do not require pre-enrollment
      • other kinds of events may be accepted on a case-by-case basis


 Is your program eligible for the Events Calendar?

check  Yes → Go to the online event submission form.

  Exclamation-PointNo →  Check out the Classes & Camps section.

question Help! I’m not sure where to post my program.






The Classes & Camps section of the Kids Calendar is the most comprehensive resource of its kind in our community. You definitely want to promote your programs here! For $10 per month, you can list up to five classes or camps at a time.

Here’s what you can post on the Classes & Camps page:

      • classes or camps for kids (ages 0-18) that span several days or weeks
      • classes or camps that are free or have a course fee
      • classes or camps that require pre-enrollment or registration


 Is your program eligible for the Classes & Camps section?

check       Yes → Go to the online class listing submission form.

Exclamation-Point       No →  Check out the Community Board.

question     Help! I’m not sure where to post my program.






Think of the Community Board as a sort of digital classified ad or bulletin board feature. If the thing you want to publicize is not an event or a class/camp, you can probably post the info to the Board.

Here are some things that could be posted on the Community Board:

      • New or used baby/kid items for sale
      • Products and services for moms
      • Garage sales with baby/kids items
      • Info about support groups for kids/teens
      • Facebook or other kinds of contests
      • Announcements
      • Almost anything that benefits parents (that’s not an event or class/camp)


 Is your information eligible for the Community Board?

check       Yes → Go to the online Community Board submission form.

Exclamation-Point       No → Contact Beth McKeon at (785) 274-9020 to discuss your options.

question     Help! I’m not sure where to post my information.






The Directory makes it easy for parents to find your products and services. For $45/year, you get a full page business listing on the Kids Calendar, including links back to your site and pictures. You can highlight what you offer on the listing page and by choosing up to five categories to be listed under.

Here are some kinds of organizations that can be listed in the directory:

      • for-profit businesses offering products/services for kids & families
      • non-profit and government agencies with services for families
      • businesses offering services for parents


 Ready to get listed in the Directory?

check      Yes → Go to the online directory submission form.







Not sure where to post your information?

If you’re not sure where to submit your program or information on the website, please call before posting. I’m certain we can get it sorted out in a short phone conversation!

Want more information about the full range of Kids Calendar options, including listing classes and advertising?

I offer free phone and in-person consultations to help you determine which options will best serve your organization. 


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